Downward Pull

Settling for imperfection isn’t sensible. Neither is descending into depression because perfection as a reality appears unattainable. The seeking, the striving, is what yields the inner pressure that never settles for anything. A man who acquires this attitude does so because he knows nothing can ever rest on its laurels for long. Whatever ground you stand on will soon crumble to ash and your merits will turn against you. Life is a battleground where men must muster together the forces within to counteract the constant pressure of gravity. Have no doubt – this downward pull is a negative influence on you. Be assured – gravity on the physical plane exists also in the psychological one. The only measure a man has of himself is in the bearing of fruits that he offers to the world. The quality of the fruits define the quality of the man. Whichever vice exists within him will show itself by the relative mediocrity of his offering. His inner struggle, this work of polishing what others cannot readily see, and therefore cannot immediately value, defines his striving for perfection. It begins first below before it ever rises to the visible surface.


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