Continual Overhaul

Borders and labels are customary to a mind made of plastic and goo, but inside all of that consists the subtle material of thoughts, and there these rigid lines can only limit the potential of a man. Yet it is hardly right to say that there is any alternative. Men are exceptionally resourceful apes and so are still subject to the definite limits and laws of the organic film of life that spreads across the surface of this earth. Technology, however remarkable it might be, does not change the fundamental motives of each succeeding generation as it advances into ever greater heights. Men remain the same now as they were scores of centuries ago. Any doubts to this can be remedied by a survey of the works of art and industry that have steadily flourished in repeating cycles of human history. The lowest common denominator defines any alleged progress and with regard to humans, I’m afraid, there doesn’t appear to have been the slightest of change. However true this is from a certain perspective, there are still degrees, and the very first sign of bonafide intelligence is the intent to suspect that every border and label in the mind is a wall in need of continual overhaul. Not a single stone of fixed assumption can be left unturned, lest that portion of the mind grow foul of stench.


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