Total Reset

What can a man ever trust in himself that is worn like a secondhand piece of clothing? Nothing is of substantive value, possessing inalienable worth, that isn’t directly verifiable. He can only depend on what is tastable through his own senses and faculties. All of this conditioning that is recalled by the label of ‘education’ and the training one receives by relying on those one must count on from a very early age, represents a subjective, tattered, sort of knowledge that can at best be compared to junk food. A man can only live well by right of his own verifications, for only this form of experience provides the nutritional quality that creates enduring character. All of the virtues inherent in a man capable of fortitude, foresight and forbearance arise from the capacity to digest reality on one’s own terms, owing to a deep seated desire to know for oneself what is real, fantasy, true, false, right, and wrong. Anything conveyed to you merely by the word or hand of others can be taken as swiftly as it arrives on your lap, wrapped and packaged with decoration and ribbons. A man must learn how to purchase by his own sweat and to earn through full payments the qualities he desires to receive. Nothing of the past, earned by those who came before, can be worn by another as a symbol of pride, though it may well serve as a beacon of remembrance to an inspiration that is available to every coming aspirer. Each and every single man on this earth is born as a total reset, a new beginning, that is independent of all other lines. Each must prove his own worth, during his own time, by his own efforts, without recourse to a single excuse. He must dare to touch it all by his own wish alone.


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