Finally True

Suddenly it’s true, and every excuse made in the past means nothing. The weakness you witnessed in yourself just now is telling, fundamental to your character, and needs to be reviewed with a raised eyebrow. The shiny exterior of this image you portray to the world is nothing but a mirage that hopes to keep you in high esteem. Yet what matters most, this quality known as ‘character’, suffers when you indulge in the pretense of a wrongful mask. Everything vain, filled with conceit and pride, must be released into the void, and so in this gap will some sincerity momentarily arise. The mirror will tell you what is real if you wipe its surface clean and polish it to a bright sheen. Genuine remorse and a good, hard, look at the reflection of reality will reveal the warts and wounds that need to be addressed and remedied. The opinion of others, the world, or any deity looking below from far above, has no bearing on this most intimate and personal judgment. It is only you, living as you yourself, who has to stomach what is wheat from what is chaff, and truly sacrifice this dry outer shell. Merry songs can be sung when the soil is restored, this conscience relieved, and so a heart made finally true.


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