Momentarily Elevate

Even if the higher ground exists only as a potential, it should always meet our gaze. The behaviours of others, the quality of events, the goodness of the world, may never meet our expectations, yet disappointment alone is the wrong response. A negative state is always wrong when packaged in the wrappings of petty complaints. It is not enough to react since reaction alone can be the lowest level of a response to reality. A man must stand higher than his immediate desires and look upon the world, in its every manifestation, as a potential not yet fulfilled. He is not merely a character in some film that lacks a pause button and flows along a linear road to no apparent end. Everything is shapeshifting, changing, and parallel ideas can halt the horizontal passage of time and momentarily elevate one’s point of view up the vertical staircase of perception. Things are never what they seem when viewed from the myopic vision of these animal orbs we call eyes, and this plastic meat that tries with all its might to fix a sane sense of reality into our existence. Reacting alone is a machine’s errand, a puppet’s chore, and so never quite fitting to the potential nature of a man.


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