Other Patterns

Like the natural formations of a crystallized snowflake, there are primal patterns that forms of being take shape after. In much of what is not man-made around us, and particularly that which is organic and living, these crystallized patterns are quite plain to see. Our bodies certainly abide to such laws in their every system and process. There is no choice here, and if there were, a man would likely destroy or severely damage and degenerate whatever it is he decides to meddle with. Yet in the sphere of our minds, the only place that we have any degree of dominion, there is this open space of thoughts, feelings, and senses that can be altered and directed if we felt so inclined. If not, this space would simply shape itself according to the state, or pattern, of least resistance. While in nature we would be right to assume that what we see now is probably the same, or rather similar, as what it would have been thousands of years before, we can only say about the mind that it is very much a product of the highly variable and largely anecdotal conditions of the particular culture we were exposed to as budding children. So the patterns our habits, tendencies, tastes and interests take shape after are greatly imposed and influenced by the patterns of haphazard conditions, such as cultural heritage and tradition. But instead of being aware of these patterns as rather arbitrary and subjective, men of a particular community often identify themselves with these patterns and assume them to be the most correct, harmonious, and authentic way to live. It is truly rare for men to suspect themselves and scrutinize the patterns to which they have been conditioned, and to see if in fact there are other patterns, of varying qualities, that may or may not be more to their advantage.


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