He Himself

Let a man’s thoughts fester in the shadows and all sorts of weeds and unwanted growth will arise. We know that an unkempt appearance, an untidy room, or a garden left to grow on its own without direction, eventually goes out of control. So too with our minds. Modern men are educated to memorize and repeat like parrots, conditioned to social etiquettes and rules, and of course during all of this little attention is ever placed on learning to become conscious of what is going on inside themselves — in their thoughts and feelings — in every precious waking moment. So little attention, in fact, that by a certain adolescent age a man comes to assume that every passing thought in their head is an integral part of who they are. Such a wrong tendency implies that they are at the mercy of a great many dangers, most of which are impossible to predict or anticipate due to their completely accidental and haphazard nature. Who knows what propaganda this man hears every day; what media slogans, hate messages, or paranoid, quirky, and vain nonsense are unconsciously absorbed from various lips and channels. All of these influences are stored in the ground level of a man’s mind and arise accidentally by association whenever the right triggers are called upon. If he is unaware of what lurks within him and, more importantly, has not developed the capacity to discern between he himself and all of these random images and ideas which likely have no connection to who he is or wants to be as an individual, then the chances are great that he will act in the next moment according to motives completely alien to he himself.


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