Inescapable Reality

Every thing is dependent on everything else, both in the outer world of a man, as well as within himself. How he behaves on one front of his life is intimately connected with every other aspect of it. How he spends or saves the gold in his pocket will be, and is, a reflection of his capacity for generosity and his wisdom in the face of all varieties of circumstance. To someone who adores his microscope and likes to dig into the finer details and minutiae of the subject at hand, here is a wall that is filled with apparent faults and weak spots. Yet it is undeniably true from observation and experience that a man himself is not a simple thing, that he is complicated in his parts and functions, and that he is a soup that blends together the littlest parts into a larger whole. In such a way we are left with the inescapable reality that every step, breath, thought, and feeling he exerts by his motion on this earth says more about who and what he is than he ever thought possible.


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