Finer Forms

If one is aware of the nature of energies, and can taste the difference in the types of fuel available, he can begin to see in the dark. All behaviours manifest in a fashion that lets a man know exactly what energy is behind its form. Whatever intention a man may have, whatever reasons he may use to justify his actions, none of this matters in the face of naked reality. He may seek some result, yet muster efforts from a completely wrong source of fuel, and so it will lead by law to an unfortunate result. Yet men’s minds are raveled by a clever design that allows them to justify whatever results they meet along the way, shaping whatever happens with a¬†bow-tie that spells out sheer delusion. This however doesn’t cancel out the obvious, available for those who have eyes to see, that only the appropriate energy can ever produce the right results.

Knowing one from the other, we can discard and put away with a great many things. Melodramatic episodes of sensational emotions can be met quite squarely with a callous check. Human energies can be discerned in a similar way as in the world of matter: there are feeble energies like that of coal, volatile energies like gasoline, and finely focused ones like electricity. They are all of varying quality and can each produce a variety of results, though the former two leave enormous waste. In the world of modern times, we in fact see an increasing emphasis on the finer forms of fuel and a greater caution towards the more feeble and volatile forms. This prescribes exactly the same kind of emphasis we ought to have in our own inner use of energy, for the more we behave from the finer forms, the less do we encounter crude consequences in the story of our lives.


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