Share of Sanity

Men are bred from larger/higher worlds to themselves, and herein lies a slippery curiosity. Infants emerge into a world of arbitrary and subjective laws, grouped together and known to us as society, culture, heritage and education. These laws are subjective for they vary from one place to another, where what is lawful in one city, country, or continent may be quite unlawful in the next. They are arbitrary for they are transient and often selected as a mere derivative resulting from handed-down traditions and habits.

If a man’s opinion of himself is based around the subjective and arbitrary world of society, for example, then whatever meaning he musters will naturally be both subjective and arbitrary. In other words, his belief systems and his guiding compass of morality will be illusionary, dreamy and full of fallacies and fantasies, just like the worlds from which they arise. Such a man will lack objectivity and will be, in many ways, walking through life as if blind, deaf, and dumb.

Somehow he must find a way to be mindful of these fictitious worlds to which he must, at least to some extent, submit. And in such mindfulness perhaps he will discover an inner spring from which to taste a fair share of sanity. He will not react as grossly to the events of life, for he will not be able to as fully believe in the colourfulness of the usual plots, ploys and plans that keep our culture so constipated with unnecessary dramas. A man can live lighter in this very moment if he simply sidesteps himself off the stage.


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