Needless Negativity

One’s day may be showered with reactions where the little foxes sour the grapes. That is, when our unpleasant emotions arise from one seeming travesty to the next, when circumstances appear to not fit into our expectations. The grapes are our energy and the potential of that energy to be harvested towards finer emotions, which in turn aspire to push us towards living in some semblance of a harmonious existence.

Instead these grapes are soured by negative reactions to unsightly events. We subjectively ascribe to our lives a destiny that is rather burden-free and pleasurable. By anticipating our future world within the confines of a caged set of expectations, we doom our everyday to be filled with wasted energy, when our emotions spill upon the floor in the form of resentment, anxiety and needless negativity.

When somehow a man manages to forgo his mechanical reactions and consciously fills the moment with a stoic resolve, and a faith towards higher ideals, quite a different situation comes to play. A man does not waste his emotion but rather plants his reactions where they belong, and harvests them to be a crop of vitality. As yesterday’s negativity compels today to follow, he wills the reins of reaction to pause and go no further.


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