Oddly Innocent

Every day subtle tales of clueless gossip slip from tongue to ear and sow bad seeds that surely reap in the morrow. Buckets of energy, beyond what we can usually fathom, is spent wastefully for the sake of spreading needless negativity. The┬árepercussions abound like the wake of Butterfly wings pouring across the globe, yet all its messengers assume themselves oddly innocent. Little trifles, infused in a mindful snare, are carried by the vessels of chitchat and turn the day somewhat darker for the unsuspecting victim’s shadow.

It all needs to be turned upside down, the way we carry ourselves in the little things, for they sharply impact our world to degrees we dare not known or imagine to be so. It is with the small and seemingly insignificant steps that the journey’s inevitable success or failure is exacted. The smile or frown that lasted but a few seconds must be seen as one chain amidst many before and many to come. It is a ladder of a song, often sung by mere pawns and puppets. It need not be so, and the little wrongs can be made little rights.


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