Closer Look

Every concept and action has an essential difference, binary by nature, that is defined by the source from which it departs. Is it mechanical or is it intentional? One is inherently involuntary while the other arises from a conscious understanding. Our imagination, or rather the laxity of that part of us which can muster dreams and fantasies, is often at fault with this most crucial aspect of what we are, and how we act. We do not realize that this factor of intentionality changes everything, even if an onlooker is unaware of the difference between two acts which outwardly appear to be the same. It is by this seemingly similar outer facade that the wool of deceit is pulled over our eyes. The truth is, nothing has innate significance if unaccompanied by attention and awareness.

This psychological autopilot runs amok amidst the chaos of our busy modern streets. The propaganda artist within us all paints quite the pretty picture to disguise this pseudo state. Save for the cracks of contradiction which surface by a closer look, we would be relatively isolated from ever noticing that anything is, or can be, wrong. But the cracks do exist and an exact psychology can be revealed gradually as a lit up landscape of how we really think, how we really are, and by what genuine merit we really and truly serve. Men often write and preach about the hole that exists within our alleged souls, and only temporally assuaged by material suffocations. Well…these cracks point straight to this reality, and back, should one dare to follow their trail.


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