Upstream Tales

The hermit sings about the freedom of isolation. The literal hermit lives in the literal wilderness, far from the outskirts of human hives. The laws and rules he lives by are quite plain if observed from the outside, yet the battles he confronts within his mind and heart bear all the makings of an epic adventure. Perhaps a story will be written and shared one day of his tales and deeds, but these will likely be in the form of allegory, metaphor and through the deadly potent language of symbols. The good stuff is often relayed to others by way of such modes and methods.

A man need not necessarily live the literal life of a hermit to suffer through and attain the virtues of his inward journey. It is simply that it is tremendously more difficult to do and unlikely to achieve amidst the growing psychological gravity that weighs on each man under the pressure of these times. Society favours most that he stand in-line and be a dandy drone. One can only find the upstream tales by listening most attentively to the silence behind the noise, and earnestly search out the whispers which echo out from both past and future, to this very moment of where we are.


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