Simple Reality

Society wraps itself in fetters of false obligation. People are scourged on the streets by guilt trips of what they should be doing, could have done, and what they will need to do and be in order to survive another day. Much, if not most, of a man’s inner space is filled with decorated imaginings about supposed and alleged trifles which blemish his peace with anxieties and tension. There is so much that is unreal in this world of human affairs that one, from the very start, mixes the genuinely important with the utterly unessential. That which is dispensable claims the bulk of a man’s psychological landscape and acts as a thief at night who sabotages every new tomorrow.

People expect a great many things from one another. They anticipate actions according to their sense of right and wrong, which is based on their narrow and limited point of view of themselves. There is an air of self-importance inherent in each man, serving to puff up his chest when he feels bashed by some seeming evil. His mind and heart is blanketed with assumptions of what should happen or could have happened if others, and the world at large, would have behaved more decently towards him. He will even defame and accuse the weather and curse the elements for not having considered him in the right way, that is, with an air of humility at the face of his rare and unique personality.

Each man is better left with far less and little baggage. He need not expect, assume, or anticipate anything beyond the next blessing of a single breath. Humility is a feature of a psychology that understands its feeble place in a very large and complicated cosmos. A man with clear eyes has a clean heart which learns everyday of a new vice to struggle with and avoid. Men pass wrong ideas about the shoulds of life to each other like germs and viruses that threaten to spread and sour the milk of society. Yet it need not be that these little foxes spoil the grapes along the vines. People can wake up to the fact of simple reality and build again from there.


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