Rhythm of Strings

Bored are those who sleep with waking eyes.

Foolishness runs rampant in our every step, but not a single man can avoid it. The quintessential quality of a human being is that he is hypnotized. That is, he is wholly absorbed to the happenings of life. In and of himself, there is little inherent content. No space is left for him to be, for all of his attention is always curled around the objects and events that fill this toiled world. Instead, he beats to the rhythm of strings, strung invisibly as cords without a seeming source. He is suggestible to all things, but relative only to his utter suggestibility to his own thoughts, feelings, movements and sensations. Whatever arises by association within the bounds of his frame are wrongly taken as his own voice — without discernment, without question, and clearly without a clean use of prejudice.


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