Clock of Life

They mistake inertia for success and failure, accidental tides for fate, and recurrent themes for bad luck. Men coat reality with a film of fantasy, believing almost wholly in what their daydreams paint. They do not see how complex this worldly mechanism is, how many gears and peddles are in constant motion, and the fortified laws that hold it all together. This they do not fathom, nor suspect, as their palate for reality runs automatic. A million delusions anchor the man in one spot, regardless of right or wrong, simply by the weight of stronger forces than he. Tell them this truth and they will raise their collective finger and utter out sour cheers of resentment. Men want to believe that they exist outright, upright and by objective measure. The daydream can ring true and positive for a long while, lasting till the clock of life hits its final chord.


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