Hidden to the Eye

The stage has to be set long before one can ever expect someone or something divine to visit them. The precondition remains always the same: a state in which a man can relax into himself. We find ourselves developed in an odd way, not realizing that we use all of our muscles and functions in a wrong way. You may be sitting down as you read this and fail to recognize that you have a number of muscles tensed up for no reason other than by force of habit. These muscles are wastefully expending energy like tight fists, pressing together the joints and fingers for no apparent purpose.

Everything in us is connected, and so the saying goes that if you are in a depressed mood and force out a mechanical smile for a minute or two, you will quite soon feel more positive. A man’s postures, be it physical, mental or emotional, are all interlinked and interdependent. Every emotion, for instance, is connected by a deep integral sort of association to a specific variety of thoughts and physical postures. Concerning the physical functions in isolation, this relates not only to the obvious outer postures of the body but also the major and minor muscles which are often hidden to the eye.

We must try to consider it possible that many of our ailments and imbalances, even those which modern medicine brushes off as symptoms of ordinary stress, are all proportional in severity to the level of tensions that we carry in ourselves. For instance, there is only a certain amount of energy we produce every night as we rest and transition for the next day. The sum of all the energy spent on physical movements, bodily functions, thoughts and the emotions determines how much we are left over for general vitality. Chronic fatigue is a rampant condition amidst the busy streets of our cities because people exert themselves beyond the limits to which their health can endure.

So too does this lack of economic expenditure of our energies cause an imbalance to the quality of our sleep. How well we rest at night is directly proportional to how well we lived during the day. The stress and heightened tension which filled a few intense hours will surely be reflected in how well you feel the next day. A failure to relax one side of the scale will unfailingly create a deficit and deficiency on the other, and so begins a self-propagating cycle. For the energy that is channeled towards the needs of the immune and nervous systems for recovery, rejuvenation and repair, is lacking and one’s overall vitality will reflect that reality.

Relaxation is indispensable as a quality which is imperative to master. Our efforts must become economized so that the energy spent is near-equal to the energy required to complete one or another task. A man’s attention has to be made aware to the fact that we are prone to always exerting more than is needed and therefore wastefully dropping the eggs of our health and prosperity on the reckless roads of mediocrity. A gentle care to the quality of our movements, thoughts and emotions will bring with it an increased quality in the types of fruit we reap as we make those efforts. We therefore rise from a lower level to a higher one simply by treating ourselves as we would any other expensive gadget or machine.


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