Unknown Origin

If you look down from high enough, a pattern always reveals itself. Apparent chaos is simply indicative of a lack in sufficient altitude. Often what is visible has its source in the invisible, so to approach everything in a wholly scientific way, without a penchant for the metaphysical, is foolhardy. Patterns exist, and while sometimes they are there, clean and plain to the lightning orbs we call eyes, other times we are pulled towards a hard reality which expects nothing more from us but to be left in a state of doubt and confusion. It is all fine and dandy to be in such an inner place, where bewilderment wipes the room of all the rubbish you think you know and allows peace and tranquility to enter instead.

There is gravity all around here, and not only the type which you witness as objects fall to the ground or float aimlessly in space. As planets radiate a force by which other objects in the ethers are attracted or repulsed, so are we as human beings in the ecosystem of our towns and cities. In space there is no gravity, so objects move according to a law which we can plot down with numbers and crunch down to a calculable system by which everything can be predicted beforehand. On the earth there is a hidden radiation we all emit, which attracts and repulses each and every one of us as we walk passed each other and exchange gestures and words.

How odd it would be to consider the possibility that the rude behaviour of that ‘someone’ was actually caused by the quality of your own radiance? It might just create a double-arrow phenomenon to the question of whose responsible for what and convince all of us to ease ourselves into a blameless perspective. In such a way we are neither right or wrong, but certainly equal candidates on fair ground in the dramas which continually form the plot of our existence. The real interest is of the consequence to all of this, where ideas of blamelessness result in a new space being formed within us. That is, in our psychology; that space which exists by the action of the mingling mind and heart.

Should a free space enter, it must be filled with something else; for as they say, ‘nature abhors a vacuum’. We rid ourselves, to some degree or another, of being attached and absorbed to na├»ve explanations of why things happen and who is responsible, and make way to thoughts which indulge and feast on the immediate moment. The hamster stops running in your head and the space begins to soak up on questions about why you are even here in the first place! Thoughts arise such as, “why should we behave like wound-up puppets, reacting in never-ending negative patterns towards each other, when it is all so dreadfully dull and tiring?” We, in a manner of speaking, throw down our gloves and begin to adopt an inner Ghandi non-violence revolution towards ourselves and the people around us.

We speak here of a mutiny to the status quo that has been defined and conditioned inside our heads. It is not the kind of anarchy which is found outside, where a man jumps a red-light and drives over his neighbour’s lawn. It is quiet, subtle and fades into our movements, thoughts and feelings so as to keep ourselves from reacting as quickly as before. We fail at times and recover at others, learning as we go to question why we do what we do, and if it is really us who is even doing it in the first place. If this were a movie or a fictional book, then the effort here would be directly analogous to the characters in the story stopping to wonder if everything they do is already written and predefined by an author of unknown origin.


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