Active Servitude

As strange as it might sound, there is a form of slavery which is beneficial to us in the highest degree. When the slave is bound to a master who wields him according to a definite aim, his power and value becomes extra-ordinary. Think of a tool and the man who handles it. For the tool to actualize itself to its potential, it needs to be governed by a force greater and higher than itself. This is the rule, and one which escapes us no less as a universal law. Man is a tool like everything else, yet for some reason we allow ourselves to believe that we are the masters of our own choosing. And left to loiter as a tool without a force to wield it, man becomes a mediocre thing with no future to hope for but half-baked intentions and half-steeped efforts.

We catch sight of a man galloping over the hills with a stallion at his mercy. The horse has been trained to be steered and governed according to a master who holds its reigns. It can, and will, do almost everything in its power to attain its masters wishes. It need only be cared for, nurtured and conditioned by a force which knows what is best for it, that it can be put to use towards aims greater than its personal comprehension. Aside from the animal cruelty issues evident in this crude analogy, the same idea applies equally true to man and his need for a higher force to serve. He must realize that his condition is one where he is governed only by his own weaknesses. Left to his own devices, he is subject to always compromising and making concessions to the shifting whims of desire which constantly twirl him about.

We are fools subject to laziness and corrupted to lie, cheat and steal should the necessity call for it. Put us in the corner and we will behave like wild dogs, dropping all of our niceties and clinging to survival with whatever means at our disposal. In the bland conditions of modern life, we are fairly groomed and, at least in the developed world, content with the lot of pleasures and vices which society provides. Yet our mediocrity is consistently a factor in everything we do. Our ambitions towards any goal falls short of our potential, for we lose interest far too quickly and easily as the clouds of cheap desire float passed our eyes and make us forget altogether about our original intentions. We are not left truly accountable in such a state and so the meaning and worth of having to perform our duty with the solemn devotion and grace of a meticulous servant is wholly unnecessary.

Imagine what you would be if you were in fact held accountable by a higher force. Think and consider of how you as a tool would be yielded by a higher entity which knows what you are, what you need and want, and how you can be made to reach it? It would put you in conditions and situations which allow you to strive for results worth earning. There would be purpose in your life as you consciously join the cycle of nature and be made useful towards aims of higher origin, rather than that of your own tediously insignificant story. Freedom in this respect is the absence of bondage to a life of meaninglessness and a servitude to a world above your own. It is not simply being free to wander outside of universal laws, to loiter and linger in circles as you chase your tail. It is to be of service and that means trading in one form of slavery for another, more special, kind. It is the difference between passive slavery and active servitude.


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