Well Overdue

There are wounds in us, miles deep, as craters we step passed without knowing they even lie there. The human condition is so rife with unconsciousness that you wonder where to even begin in describing it. All of the qualities to which we have inherited as a birthright, we have yet to actually possess. Yet nonetheless we righteously proclaim that indeed we do have them, as if they are built-in and undeniably of our possession. We believe we can take action and change whatever we desire, create whatever there is to create, and innovate ourselves beyond any challenges and hiccups we may encounter along the way. We are sorely mistaken and are in need of an intervention by some higher power should there ever be a way out of this mess. Of course, what may be more likely is that a flood of chaos may befall us, reducing our numbers back to a manageable quantity for the earth to handle, and have this foolish race of men start all over again.

Our pride is in believing we are many things that we in fact are not. The individual begins this discovery by pausing to look within himself to see what wounds exist from his childhood. You see, the macro always reflects the micro, or as the hermetic saying goes, ‘as above, so below’. Whatever wounds exist within a single man reflect by law the wounds of an entire race. So the work to change or improve the race must begin with the work of individual men resolving their inner state. There is a grande carpet, made of very thick wool, covering all of our childhood traumas. And yet you may think to yourself, “my childhood was fine, so what is this nut talking about?” For you do not realize the nature of your essence as it was when it first entered this world. You cannot remember any of it, except for scant memories which skim as scattered pebbles across a broken line of scene after scene.

There are freedoms to which the beast you were born was endowed. These disappeared one by one, not destroyed but merely buried and left to wilt and rust. They were highly sensitive functions which allowed you to adapt to conditions in a way ideal for survival given sane conditions. You however encountered a force by the name of society which through your parents, education and the people and culture around you, forced you to submit and forsake your original nature. They taught and instructed by manipulation and penalties, and all with the best of intentions. For they themselves were shaped and molded in such a way at their own beginning. By imitation and what we call by the name of education, you began to bury bit by bit the originality which comes naturally to the wild spirit of any living creature.

Tamed men and women now walk these streets and buzz around like busy bees. They are more or less docile and subservient to the laws of the road, the rules which govern their hearts and minds; all the while satisfying themselves with the circus of consumerism which modern culture aptly provides. There is a cage and it is built into each and every single person, just like the elephant who was raised tethered by a small rope when young and now still continues to believe that the same rope has power and sway over its movements. The solution has always been for us to realize the situation as it is and discard the ideas which make us doze back into the stressful distractions of an invented story of unknown origin.

A man must begin with himself and discover his original nature. But he must do it by first realizing how wrong all of his ideas towards himself are. There are so many ideas in us which have been implanted, which at this very moment groove your way of thinking in an intended direction, like the water which flows down a prearranged track called a river. There has to be a deep slowing down of our need to be clever, appreciated and accepted by others. We may act outwardly as we always did to keep ourselves from attracting unwanted attention, but inside there has to be an active questioning to everything there is to question. Why are we upset by some things and not others; why do we need certain satisfactions and pleasures; what are our true values and the ones which have been ingrained in us by big brother? Sooner or later we will touch upon areas which encircle deep wounds and are well overdue for our care and immediate treatment.


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