Sickness of Excess

Wonder at what may be if that aching need to answer everything were to fade away. Wonder at what could fester in soils of content if the mind were to suddenly submit to a higher force of nature. The rantings and ramblings would boil and squirm through the cracks of restlessness until the only thing left was a heart worth knowing. There is an awful lack of humility in our times and it is poignant for the mere fact that the loud minority, bathing in luxury, hold firmly to the expectation that they must be heard. For every inch and mile of apprehensions and an approach towards what they deem a higher destiny, the mind is filled with excuses and justifications which keep it busy to no end. A gravity forms in us and we become, as it were, a figment of something not quite real.

The world is filled with sore wounds, suffering masses and dying forms for the simple reason that decisions are made by minds filled to the brim with their own personal desires. It isn’t the fashion of the day to feel for others genuinely, though the smooth veneer of our self-prescribed personalities may resound with great tunes of sincerity of how we keep them always in mind. If it were not for the mountains of cheap tabloids which litter the streets with gossip of trivial┬áminutiae, and the endless gossip which twirl from ear to ear from mobile device to water cooler, it might indeed be believed. But that is more fantasy than reality and the actuality of this matter lies in the fact that we place more weight and worth to the image of a thing than we do its substance.

The very first thing that must be thrown away is our frame of mind, for drop that petty contrivance and we’ll be left with something fairly close to a fresh start. The problems of today have to be related to without the use of the instruments which gave birth to them. Only a perpendicular approach can work when parallel lines of effort have, through the decades and eons, left us with a world filled with chores and debacles rather than one ripe with opportunity and humble aspiration. Yes, the mind must be thrown away and the simple mentality of someone who listens to his heart has to be given complete devotion. The heart and its ability to bend and flow through the issues of the day with healthy doses of compromise and sacrifice is the only way an imbalance can be remedied. The overconsumption of western appetites has to be treated with grand efforts of underconsumption, with a commitment to return to the needs of reality, in favour of general survival and prosperity.

And yet such an outcome is both naïve and too silly to take seriously. Every honest soul will have to admit at one moment or another that the only possible way such an outcome can be approached is if disaster loomed as an impending certainty. Then we would see buckets of tears resolve themselves into serious maneuvers towards a healthy renewal of humanity. Less, not more, would be the new name of the game, where individuals find ways to do away with their luxuries and, instead, eagerly send their surpluses to the truly needy of the world. Abandoning this sickness of excess and aiming their array of tools towards solutions which admit their interdependence to the rest of nature, we might expect some improvement to finally dawn upon us.


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