Live Life Lightly

The flow of events in a man’s life is the only force that actually exists. A man in himself is merely a feather, either floating and fluttering gracefully or flopping violently against the current of history. The greatest cause of worry and unnecessary suffering comes from a misunderstanding of this reality, where we assume we have a choice in which direction and in what fashion our destiny unfolds. The laws at work are simply too enormous to grant us each with both individual attention and the luxury of personal force. If we had such an endowment in the first place, we would likely destroy ourselves in the pursuit of what we perceive as good and lawful, for we base our actions on little more than a narrow-minded perspective of what is needed in the environment for genuine improvement to take place.¬†Our happiness, that is, the harmony from which we live in accord with the natural flow of life, is in direct proportion to the inner decision we make to let go of this presumption and premature claim of personal will-power.

While everything in the outer-world is already written; with past, present and future bound and wound together in ineffable ways; our inner-world, from which we observe life and ourselves living in it, is where the light of individual consciousness resides. That is where the reality of our reality exists, where we have choices and are endowed with a torch from which we can digest the coarse material of external events and extract from it a profound, subtle understanding. The gods and giants of cause and effect, creation and non-existence, sit side by side as forces of paradox, a reality our ordinary, binary, minds cannot but fumble and distort. Something higher, detached and impartial has to witness the world to be able to see even an inch of it. The explanation to this lies with our linear, forward-moving minds, flowing with time in only one direction. Time is the cause of our misunderstanding through-and-through, caging our perceptions and blinding us from seeing the two-directional highway of reality.

If this sounds nonsensical and impractical, then perhaps it is. Why shouldn’t it be? Relative to the typical posture that we put on ourselves like cheap clothing, the truth has to be absurd. It’s taste and smell is outside our range of comprehension and its touch will likely provide us with a repulsive, disorienting daze of confusion. It would have to shake us to our core, for the voltage and amperage would require our coils to be both refined and flexible: two qualities we often ascribe only to saints and sages, not the ordinary blue and white collar workers of the modern grind. We would have to be clean of inner chains and baggage, empty and alert, ready to take up any impression as if it were new, fresh and perhaps the last we ever encounter. Please point out someone who can relate to life in such a way…as it would certainly be a miracle of a find.

The truth is life is far more simple than our conditioned culture makes it out to be. We have far less of a choice than we give ourselves credit for. We have far less responsibility than is assumed and therefore the degree to which we regret the past is inflated to insane and unreasonable proportions. Much more could be done if we take the world and our place in it with a table spoon of salt, take ourselves a great deal less seriously, and face life with a happy-go-lucky approach. The necessity to be something, somewhere or serve the expectations of some idea which was imposed on us by some influence of media or education, has to be made obsolete. With time and a relentless effort to be less, not more, and to live life lightly with nothing more than vivid attention to the details that are written on the wall, perhaps a chance to be something more can finally arrive in authentic form.


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