Hero’s Journey

What creates unnecessary suffering in the modern world of unprecedented comfort is the ingrained condition of building a continual narrative about oneself. People grow up watching television shows and movies of protagonists and their heroes’ journeys. This naturally develops the same expectation on oneself and the ego carries the torch of seeking such fulfilment in any way it perceives it canWrong Stuff. Men living in first world conditions have considerable free time to ponder themselves since their survival is usually not an immediate burden on their minds as it is for those living in less fortunate conditions around the world. That free space allows their thoughts to swirl away with an ongoing narrative that justifies the happenings of their lives with the faulty assumption that they are special, unique, and on an important road of self-discovery and self-improvement. Reality all the while responds with utter impartiality as events fail to support this inherently erroneous hypothesis. But the faux-hero takes little heed of this and allows the narrative to continue, which translates to a perception of the world that becomes either brighter or darker based on how random events arbitrarily unfold. There is only one hero’s journey that will ever offer any substantive objective value and that is for a man to deconstruct this narrative.


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