Veiled Up

Something uncoveredThe subconscious mind is nothing mystical. It is the resting ground for what men insist on crystallising as patterns or ‘habits’ of thoughts, feeling and even physical qualities such as postures and styles of movement. If a thought is repeated hundreds or thousands of times it will form into a shape somewhere below the conscious radar of a man’s immediate awareness. Plant enough of these various traits within that veiled up land of hidden qualities and one’s life has all it requires to happen completely automatically. The subconscious mind is where a man’s formative attitudes reside. They decide beforehand what will happen given an encounter with any sort of circumstance. A man’s life forever more follows an utterly predictable trajectory, that is, if he does not discover in himself an interest in the introspective. What is unfortunate is that once something has been implanted into the subconscious it is no longer directly accessible. It rules one’s actions without consulting with the man himself beforehand. The contents of the subconscious can only be revealed by observing oneself impartially over a long period of time, and the average individual will give up the effort long before it ever begins to reap any substantial results and uncover what’s behind the veil.


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