Unwanted State

Wrong DirectionThe faculty of imagination, that part of the mind that often sweeps it into daydreams, is very influenced by emotions. There are for example people who are very much lost throughout the greater part of a day in negatively tinted projections of the future. They think upon plans or things required of them later in the week or month, they consider the factors that need to align in order to meet those demands, and their recognition of the unpredictability of life upon those factors gets their imagination rolling with the idea that everything could go wrong. This is the pathological condition of imagination; when under its influence a man can walk about the world, very much awake in one sense but utterly asleep in another. The actual function facilitates visualisations and a potentially very useful way to understand concepts and solve problems through creative ideas. This is the case when a man’s grip on his imagination is held firm. When on the other hand he leaves it to its own mechanical inclinations and allows his mind to move on its own accord, the prospect of negative outcomes coming to fruition will steer his thoughts down dark corridors that have no useful role whatsoever. The result is an unwanted state of stress, with all its accompanying harms on the body and mind.


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