Faux Pas

Laugh AgainMen are haunted by the images they attempt to portray and broadcast to the world. The idealised ego they have perpetuated for so many years in public life is continually polished. It is of utmost importance to a man that his reputation be kept always intact. The jagged edges of pretence are always protruding out from the fumbles he inevitably makes while trying to keep up appearances, so he works tirelessly to maintain his vanity by grinding the errors back into place before too many pay any notice. Men are caged by the public persona they think needs to be conveyed to others around them because it fits in with the broader pretext of social politics. The mask he wears knows what others are impressed by and approve of. The faux pas personality is the best hope they have for securing the most attention, the greatest wealth, and the highest position of secured safety and prosperity. The pathology begins when a man convinces himself that the imitated mannerisms and attitudes are his own, that they are real, and forgets that to err against the picture he paints of himself is not a crime but a guaranteed occurrence of human existence that will repeat as long as he lives.


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