Good Works

Nothing ButPatriotism, loyalty, and all their siblings are hysteria. Good works for the sake of good works is the only sanity a man can know. All other prejudices, whether it be for fear of admonition or in search of applause, are symptoms of lunacy. A man can only seek to serve as a vessel of good works, a conduit of right action, and all other concerns can be left to rest. The paranoias of morality dissolve in such a concentrated mood. There will be no thing or person or situation to point a finger to for blame; nothing at all available for a shifting of responsibilities. The judge will stand before a man’s efforts and the scales will decide if his whole heart was focused in devotion to them or if they were distracted, and therefore reduced in quality, by an indulgence to any and all things peripheral to the efforts at hand. There is nothing and can be nothing more crucial to a man’s sense of conscience than his ability to incrementally elevate his capacity to be an instrument of good works. It matters not whether it be borne of inherent talent or developed from the bare bones of a desire for betterment. A man can only judge his quality of character, his weight in salt, by the fruits he bears in the moment drawing forth just right now.


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