Right Flair

Entering OutThe confidence of a man isn’t simply categorized by its presence or absence. The type of confidence he exudes can differ by whether its source is artificial or organic. It’s nature can depend on a mere pretence, a learned posture intended to affect a certain sort of image that affirms the approval of random onlookers. A perceived audience is always on the back of an ordinary man’s mind and his happiness is often greatly influenced by whether he wears the right flair to illustrate as solid proof that he is of high and unique substance. Yet the same effect can be accomplished by being organically at peace with his conditions and the reality in which he stands against the backdrop of life. Instead of pretending to be propped up by an air of self-certainty, a growing understanding of the world and the utter randomness and unknowingness of it all can take its place. Men can acknowledge to themselves that they know very little, if nothing at all, of what is going on, and they can be assured that everyone around them find themselves in exactly the same fickled situation — regardless of whether they are aware of that fact or not. A real and authentic confidence can develop from such an honest and sincere approach to the human dramas that perennially beckon his attention.


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