Old Scenery

Old NewsThe mind cannot help but conjure up a world where the man himself is the axle from which everything else turns. In practical reality, this is a sensible point of view. If the aim, however, is to be able to increasingly understand the scene that is alive before one’s eyes, this narrow narrative becomes a handicap. Men cannot see beyond themselves, or do so in such a feeble fashion that it can hardly be weighed to worth. The consequences are far reaching, for his vanity and pride disallow countless of ways that could otherwise create room for new possibilities of thought and feeling. The relationships in his life fall under very dull categories and the endlessly recycled moments of strife, mistakes, and disappointments all exist for the sake of his stubborn resistance to a greater perspective that unfortunately also dwarfs his perceived importance. It is this sacrifice, his particular sense of himself — that is, how he values his significance in the scheme of things — that must be gladly released in favour of brighter horizons. A man can decide to end this repetition and old scenery by realizing it only shackles his every potential when he puts himself first.


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