Achilles Heel

Hold it up highSomehow men must find the discriminatory perception and will to keep their thoughts from rolling down the meandering hills of whimsical association. The mind is made in such a way as to be vulnerable to distraction and misdirection at every turn. It falls under some invisible force of gravity that compels it to curve around and repeatedly bite its own tail. So the ordinary mind, lacking a higher mind that can supervise its activity, is defective by its very own nature. The implications are vast, as a man of some appreciable understanding can no longer fully trust himself and the judgments he makes. He draws closer to the conclusion that like an instrument of music that is out of tune, he will conjure up more cacophony than harmony out of his efforts if this fact of his nature is left in ignorance. Only a mind that can will itself to think in straight lines, a mind that it is ever watchful of itself, and has the sensual intuition to know when the curves in its thinking will surely take place, can claim to be at least partially free of this vicious achilles heel of human nature.


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