Falling Prey

When the buffers of perception are murky, concepts lose the relativity of colours and assume the position of opposites. Shapes and sizes are distorted from their rightful proportions and a man perceives reality topsy-turvy, upside-down, as if through the looking glass of a cartoonish world. His thinking becomes one of right versus wrong, yes versus no, either this or either that, and the orientations of men submit to the divisions of a very strange duality. The liberals must stand on one side and the republicans must find themselves on the other. “Either you’re with us or you’re against us” is the lawful labeling of reality that the insane system of society requires of each unconscious citizen. In the face of such absurdity no intelligence is admitted except for the most diluted, bland and lacklustre variety. Intelligence only inhabits a mind that is constantly at guard with its falling prey to the traps of lazy formulas for being and behaving. It demands the mind to acknowledge that the ever changing laws, forms and functions of reality make what is wrong today, right tomorrow, and what is true for now may be false in an hour. The landscape is always at a turn.


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