Still Alive

How is it that some can live in this world who are able to stomach the idea that all is well, that things are moving forward, and progressing towards better times? There could not be a more disrespectful gesture made to those who are countless, who indeed cannot be counted, who suffer in dire situations, and who live in the same reality to which we all equally belong. An unbridled positive disposition is as insane a mask to wear as that of the deepest despair. Those are mad who live at either extremes, at either senseless and unintelligent poles of man-ape emotion. All the facts of life should be admitted, recognized and appreciated by the weight of their relevance and implications on our immediate sense of what is really going on, both in the world and in ourselves. To do any less, to leave out a fact, or to exaggerate, is as criminal as intentionally distorting the truth for personal gain. Escaping reality does not waiver a man’s role in life from complicity, complacency, and so corruption. If a man feels helpless to do anything, even if this in fact is only sloth in disguise, let him at least come to plain grips with that, and let him bear it like a fine whiskey that warms the heart on a cold night and so reminds a man he is still alive.


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