Subtle Trick

These inhabitants cannot resist but exaggerate every colour they see. “Romanticize!” is the mantra each child is reared by Disney to know, not consciously, but by a most insidious craving. This is the subtle trick that beguiles each citizen of every city. Knowledge in the mind is a tangible something, leaving at the very least a trace of evidence that can, sooner or later, be scrutinized. To however instill in a man an ingrained habit of craving, an insistent thirst for some sort of pleasure, such as the feeling that one must fulfill a romantic state or station, such as living a cliché life, finding a cliché mate, or playing a cliché role, is a deed that goes often without notice. If on the other hand this craving is discovered, it is so deeply rooted in our adult constitution that it is likely one of the last things that we will ever let ourselves sacrifice in order to regain some semblance of sanity. It is much more likely that a man will defend his cravings, justify them as necessary and indispensable, and so mistake his own identity with the pleasurable addictions he can no longer stand living a single day without.


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