Spin Doctor

By the wayside of every churning event, it is a man’s imagination that runs amok. It beckons him to listen to all sorts of distorting ideas, riling his emotions up, exciting his nerves to a feverish pitch, and so literally sending his grip on reality a few additional keystrokes away from sanity. Men shouldn’t listen to themselves as their heads spin around in associations, conjuring situations, scenarios and dilemmas that simply do not exist. This spin doctor called the mind is a counterfeit; a fraud that has been strangely mistaken as rationality, intelligence and common sense. What happens when a man turns his back on this lower part of his mental functioning? He begins to develop an immunity to all sorts of corrupting influences which otherwise first dwell within his inner thoughts and then work their way out into the world in the form of misunderstandings, confusion and all of the resulting pseudo dramas that spoil the grapes of his potential opportunities with the world and its people. Nothing genuinely good can come from a psychology that is as unattended to as a wild weed-stricken garden. A vigil must be held at every waking hour, lest a lurking thought pass through the gates and disguise itself as the man himself.


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