Strange Distorter

Nothing is more useless than the unnecessary activation of stress into our daily lives. Beyond useless, this inbuilt survival mechanism depletes and degrades our vitality and wellbeing. There is no better example of how lacking modern men are in self-knowledge, for these turbo-boosters of stress are virtually never truly required in even the most perilous dramas that an average city dweller is occasioned to meet. Yet like other varieties of negative tendencies that we’re nowadays addicted to — such as absurd imaginary fears and completely unnecessary anxieties — we convince ourselves of the necessity of gripping tightly to that which robs us the most from enjoying some semblance of a harmonious life. Stress is a strange distorter of perception, a narrower of awareness and common sense, and the ultimate in dramatizing the trivial so that it is blown up to delusional proportions. It is one of the key devils we rarely look upon and scrutinize as an enemy both to ourselves and our relationship to the world at large.


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