Inherent Debt

Without our realizing it deeply enough, money is connected in us with a sense of security and survival. We have come to be instinctively conditioned to feel that we must collect it and protect it, and against the law of natural balance, a desire comes to motivate all of us without question to seek an ever growing surplus of it. This tilting of the scales in favour of excess promotes psychological mechanisms which by their very nature interfere with the quality of a man’s inner being — and therefore also to all of his arising behaviour. From such an eagerness to collect more than is his common share, a man loses a great deal of the in-built drive to contribute ever more to his community, and to serve ideas and ideals that belong to a higher order than that of his personal flights of fancy and grandeur. He loses his thirst to indeed pay for his existence, rather than be paid by merit of these narrow self-interests. He loses this sense of inherent debt for simply being alive in this world of passing-time. Money, a material device designed to be solely a means to an ends, can very easily lose its rightful place in the order of things and oust the higher values we all instinctively feel deep down to be the genuine purpose for our existence.


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