Strange Realizations

Most men lack a certain sight, which entails a certain sort of energy, that essentially gives meaning to a person beyond the petty vanities of the usual kind. The typical day of an ordinary man is filled with the average, mundane, trivial kinds of wishes, hopes, anxieties and fears. The same patterns repeat themselves each and every single day, yet the combinations that these emotions and thoughts continuously create always seem to appear as new and unique. So a man lives on with the illusion that today is today, rather than simply a repeat of yesterday. Hidden underneath this illusion are strange realizations, and each treasure to be had brings about a questioning of himself — like what are his true motives, what does he genuinely want for himself, how does he actually look upon others, and what really is the point of his chasing his tail around in circles? Authenticity is the first thing one knows as a child and often, unfortunately, the last thing one remembers as a grown man.


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