Blind, Deaf and Dumb

So many men take things far too personally. They dream of impressive feats they are somehow destined to meet in their vague future, and lost in these daydreams, they pay little heed to the quality of their smaller works — like tying their shoes. So many chores are beneath them, fail to meet their standards, and lack the shiny veneer of greatness that they secretly envision for themselves. They are lost in subjective daydreams and the objective results are that they produce the poorest and most mediocre of fruits. Even good and simple men, regardless of whether they are endowed with any talents or extraordinary gifts, inherently sense the need to place in even the most trivial of tasks a quality of attention that makes that moment of life not only valuable but even priceless. They have this innate and non-verbal recognition that the quality of even the smallest of acts and deeds holds a significance all on its own. Yet men are raised in conditions where, above all else, the opinions of others defines the quality of who they are. So they bury this understanding of a simple man and cover that goodness with vanities that are blind, deaf and dumb to what really matters most.


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