Walk Around

The world will have men’s hearts shrivel and sleep, for the world has been fashioned in such a way as to manifest incredibly cruel forms of negativity. It is justly filled with everything, and the bad or evil is supplied in as copious quantities of stock as the good. This is the reality of the situation; the facts of existence to behold with either blind or clear eyes. With eyes wide open a man can face himself to take stock of a thousand bruises, scars and wounds that he has neglected to notice. He will recognize a myriad of distorted, jagged and wrongful reasonings that go on constantly in his mind, which fail to be checked for the simple fact that they all serve to walk around the issues lying dormant in his heart. Good men will seek to find the strength that allows them to see themselves as they are in fact, and not as they have imagined themselves to be for the sake of survival, and what they wrongfully assume to be a state of sanity. A pyramid of white lies and delusion can be made to rest and settle to the ground — for exactly this collapse may serve as the fodder for new rightful growth.


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