Cage of Perception

They will not conceive it, nor can they sniff even a slight scent of it, for the very fact that men are completely consumed with the flow of life. There is no pause or second steps to the left or right. He follows the current and when the rush is a torrent, he loses all sensibility and forgets himself completely. The luxury of a subjective perspective cannot exist when all your being is focused on the fear of drowning. If we believe in this fear with utter devotion, nothing else but the narrow lens of a very shallow point of view will be available to us. Let a man cling to a branch tight enough and he will himself calcify to the petrifaction of wood. And men scoff at such seemingly superstitious thoughts, but they do not realize how their attention, devoid of an objective sense of things, can merge their entire individuality with anything and everything that catches their whimsical fancy. Unaware, men lose their face and trap themselves in a cage of perception.


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