Move Forward

A child has no choice but to enter the unknown and, save for the hand of a loving ‘elder’, he is mesmerized by the newness of it all. He feeds off of novelty as if admitted to a feast where reluctance, hesitation, and the disease of thinking-twice, has no place. Adults forget that many of their plaguing thoughts are alien to their original way of being. Like dogs trained to maneuver at the beck and call of tricks and treats, men have no choice but to think certain ailing thoughts and act according to their dogma. If they disobey or falter against this programmed design, uncertainty and hypertensive doubts begin to creep in. A man feels as if the comfortable light of the known is dwindling down to a faint glow, and that if he goes on a single step further he will have to rely on nothing but the will to move forward. And so most men, if not all, will turn back just then, when newness and novelty were one unnerving step away.


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