Anticipated Goodies

He stands forever on the sidelines of life, watching a train of events pass him by.

Men fail to realize their vulnerability in the face of daily events. It is a wholly reactionary experience, where buttons, gears and levers plunge us into predictable patterns of behaviour. On the surface, we seem to be prodded by people and things, and feel entitled to blame everything that is external to us for any unfortunate results that may come about. Yet look deeper, for the reverse is far more true. What right does a man have to hold onto expectations of what should happen? He is nothing but a passing cloud. From where did this sense of entitlement arise, and why is it given such high authority? The child is enamoured by simply being alive, while the adult must be pleased first by outside forces before he will indulge in being content with the blessings that he has. These callous expectations of his keep him from participating directly with life. Indeed, he requires life to serve him a dish full of anticipated goodies before he will relax and enjoy a single second of simple appreciation.


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