Negative Emotion

There is nothing less useful to a man than a negatively infused emotion. Nothing on this earth debilitates the little power that he has over himself more, that is, to act sensibly and sanely amidst the tides of life. Yet a man in such a state will defend his negativity with the utmost diligence; his vigilance will know no bounds as he justifies the bad mood with an inexhaustible array of reasons and excuses. It is very rare — indeed, truly a gem — to find a man in such a vile state, ready to let go and sacrifice the brewing volcano bellowing from his stomach, up his stony chest, and out with flames through the orifice of his head.

The wise men tell us that men will sacrifice every and any pleasure before they ever begin to loosen their grip on their wholly mechanical, negative reactions. They tell us more, in fact: that there is no greater evil to be had in this world than what lies within a man himself; the forces within his mind and heart that compel him to indulge in negativity. Such forces persuade the man, every time, to look for external people, things, or circumstances, to blame and attack. And so it is that a sane and sensible man would by virtue of such exalted awareness begin to struggle with negativity within himself with as much zeal as can be mustered.


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