Clear of Clutter

Some things appear into view only once the room is clear of clutter. This messy state of affairs — our minds rambling, our hearts fluttering and our nerves misfiring– manifests into our lives a myriad of phantoms which make us think, feel and sense in a daydreaming way. We have somehow come to believe that confidence, for instance, is a psychological trait which must be discovered and developed, whereas in fact, confidence is the natural state when our minds and hearts are free of unnecessary, and therefore wholly dispensable, thoughts and feelings. A man can act by action alone once he deems it right and good for the sake of something worth the effort.

Men are conditioned inwardly to believe in a web of causes and consequences that sit solely on the laurels of an overly dramatic society. They have been conditioned to believe in the morally subjective rights and wrongs of a movie which never seems to end. “What if this? What if that?” he ponders over and over like a hamster running on a staged and caged wheel of self-doubt and uncertainty. If he steps back for a moment and, by the grace of a higher perspective, looks upon all of this with a half-measure of intelligence, he will realize how this fluff of unnecessary complication blinds his vision and binds his life to enduring a role he never personally conceived.


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