Form Forgets Function

It chases its tail down a merry trail.

They say ‘form follows function’, yet what is often forgotten is that this thing called form has a remarkable tendency to forget its role, forget its function, and to follow itself for its own sake. This is the great danger with all forms, whatever they may be, for they are never causes in themselves and in every way simply serve as mere figments of an ever shape-shifting reality.

Functions are like themes in fables, folklore and human affairs; they are eternally recurrent as features of reality. Forms, on the other hand, are like clothing. And what more perfect example can be found of form forgetting function than the industry of fashion? That which is artificial in and of itself can wander off from its raison d’être quite easily and begin to chase its tail endlessly through the annals of time.

Search for the implications — for what is lost when form forgets itself — and examples can be found aplenty. The consequences can appear in some cases neutral and seemingly innocuous, yet the results of such amnesia always leads one eventually down the spiral of degeneration. What else can one expect to happen when the chords have been severed and a puppet runs off by momentum alone?


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