Pure and Potent

Only in motion does inspiration reveal itself. In any one spot, wherever one looks, it will have left its fingerprints. Fossilized textbooks cannot hope but describe the dust that is left in its wake. Men will forever be eluded by efforts to cage it. For its nature is that of scent to solid object, passing through the cracks that — rest assured — always exist. The genius of inspiration is above the cerebral elevation of binary code, logical statements, and clever sophistry. It comes as it wills, dawning like a muse and whispering in our ears the stunning subtle possibilities that abound.

Keep close to the earth, one saying goes. Remain grounded and humble at heart. Though the world hypnotizes us to believe we know many things, the reality is we know nearer to nil about anything. It is in this prejudicial attitude, this rigid pride which unsuspectingly implants itself within every impressionable child, that we find the source of our ignorance. The very idea ‘to understand’ is far from our grasp, as we blunder with assumptions at every turn, believing that tomes of information is equivalent to knowledge.

Men who wish to be creative must let go of the idea that they know a single thing. An answer brings a degree of comfort, as we feel quite awkward amidst unsettled, questionable, air. A man must engender a friendship towards unsettling things, be they facts or figments. He must somehow convince himself to go against his programming, all of these educated tendencies, and feel at home when bullets of discontent fire through his windows. For the more a man accepts the clashing of rocks, the easier will it be for him to witness the glory of the sparks.

A personality is grossly overrated. All of these prized habits and tastes are so excruciatingly arbitrary, so plainly routine, that it is a wonder why we expect miracles to manifest in a land so neatly arranged. Structures are built originally for a purpose but, as all things do, soon submits to the rusting of time. It inevitably loses its lustre and needs be replaced, but men will do anything in order to maintain the status quo, for the sake of their comfort and pleasure. They will perform nearly any feat to avoid releasing the past so that a fresh future might be.

Bequeathed with riddles that are time immemorial, one generation educates the next with old, rusted, patterns. The youth are passed the baton of stale tradition, serving to maintain the world at its comfortable pace; where all things are allegedly known, and all possibilities can be predicted. But that is all so obviously false! Yet our actions convey that message all the same. It is by forsaking outdated structures, outmoded processes, and by sacrificing what we know as ‘best practices’, that we open ourselves up to what is truly new, raw, pure and potent.


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