Mesmerized Glare

The dog yawns after its daily journey, returning home by the same line he did before.

The possibilities are wide in scope for a man, but only in potential. What he is will ensure that a narrow path will always be paved. By the confines of time and space, only one option at any given moment can be chosen. He lives continuously by his best intentions for his own self-interests, choosing roads and avenues he perceives to be right and good. Some will live out nearly their entire lives, for instance, within the same locality. Others will zig-zag by their travels, attempting to cover through the span of their lives as many new impressions and experiences as possible. The gulf of difference between the two relates specifically to this idea as it pertains solely to potential movement across the available surface of the earth. This is merely one expression of what this idea implies.

No one walks a straight line. Every man steps by way of a curved road, walking like a cat with only one set of whiskers. One will by the nature of his essence and personality come across the same situations over and over again, ad infititum. The same themes will befall him and most men will find themselves lost in believing that they are moving straight, when in reality they are like dogs chasing their tail in endless circles. He will groove and accustom himself into a lifestyle, filled with habits and routines that he finds more or less comfortable. His thoughts will play out ideas in the same sequence, avoiding new patterns in order to think by autopilot rather than challenge the norms that have taken root.

It might yield some fruit to consider what could be done in your life if you were not who you are. If a stranger’s soul were to be replaced with your own, what would he do with what is immediately available to you? What opportunities would he be able to perceive as valuable and worthwhile, which you otherwise seem to have become indifferent or negative to? There are bright, imaginative, and perhaps even boundless, possibilities in front of every man, woman and child, but human psychology has a tendency to fall upon derivative behaviours. A man will convince himself to believe that individual taste and preference supercedes all other concerns, aside from the necessity of working at some job in order to survive and prosper.

It is in this respect that one might wonder what a man is truly capable of if his choices were not left up to him and his mechanical nature. Whether his master be evil or good, his labours would be more excellent in conditions of servitude than they are when he is left to manage his own affairs. This is so for the simple influence of compromise, the tendency to minimize the quality and quantity of our efforts for the sake of comfort and pleasure. All forms of laziness result, softening up the thoughts, nerves and senses of a man to a point where he behaves like a sleepwalker, flopping through the streets with a mesmerized glare in his eyes. Yet how strange and uncanny it is to find that new opportunities and experiences are always available; always there, right under your very nose.


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