Shattered Glass

The rights were spoken aloud to all in union, but not a drop was heard by the broken.

Types and varieties are witnessed in the world in great volume. The law appears to be that the singular must be divided endlessly into all of the common denominators which man strives to name, box and shelve away as the known. The union of everything is unseen and kept abstract, as if left entirely as an idea, or an ideal, which lives on more as a dream than it does as a fact of reality. The white ray of light is broken into prime colours and then into shades and hues which seem nearly innumerable. The combinations mix and blend with one another to create endless fragments of something which, by its origin, is of a single whole.

Let me compel you to think of this in the form of meanings to the words we speak. Nearly everyone naturally assumes that in common conversation the contents of what is said is communicated fully, clearly and understood by all in exactly the way intended. This is generally true for the casual, surface-level ways in which we talk for the sake of, for example, referring to the weather or relaying bits of news that we heard from a mutual source. When the discussion takes a deeper route, where ideas of depth and richness need to be passed on from one man’s heart and mind to another, the potential for error, misunderstanding and disagreement becomes unmistakably clear and emphatically real.

What do you associate to the word ‘man’? What of the word ‘faith’? Or ‘love’? A long while back, perhaps even before a time to which historians can trace, words were so precious that the breath needed to utter their essence was treated with immaculate care. Not too much air, nor too little, would do to give justice to the conveyance of that particular symbol. And to its meaning, keep in mind that the number of words were far fewer. Contemporary times continually aim and strive to create new words and therefore dilute the potency of the spoken and written word even further. The law which compels the singular, the union of force, to break out into its fragmented derivatives, plays out its evil just right here.

Some who believe they are intelligent find that an extensive vocabulary is the telltale sign, and proof, of wit and charm. If someone cannot understand them, better yet, “for those petty fellows will realize their ignorance in the face of my depth of detail and subtle nuance!” It is forgotten by these poor devils that simplicity, in whatever form it can be held and harnessed, is the greatest article of value. Like the tower of babel which allowed men of all types and varieties to, without fail, understand one another’s different tongues, simplicity is an option readily available to us to use as a way to connect more intimately with one another, and to thereby remember that union — and not shattered glass — is what matters most in life.


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