Mixed Bag

The channel was paved and the water now flowed in such a way as to set its motion in stone.

There are parts to the brain which function by way of spontaneity, an approach in whole affinity to the act of improvisation. When a man finds himself entirely comfortable to a life conceived of habit and routine, these muscles atrophy as can be expected of any neglected tool. Only so much time can pass without deterioration taking effect. Gravity must be accounted for, as its constant pressure by way of time will bend the knees of any man who tries to stand against it for far too long. Rest is necessary but, aside from that, a man who does not exercise himself in the right way will lose certain qualities and functions and, if he is not aware (which is likely), he may altogether forget that they even existed in the first place.

Each and every single one of us has a reminiscence, however faint, which begs to question a way of being and life that marries actions with ideals. We nod our heads fondly to fine words which convey higher meaning to our lives, both as a race and species as well as on a personal level. There are qualities and talents we aspire to acquire, earn in some fashion which may elude us as of now, yet live on in our hearts as merits to seek nevertheless. It doesn’t often matter that our actual approach to reaching such dreams disregards the fact that we do very little to truly warrant their fulfillment. Life supplies ample distraction and confusion to lose track quite quickly of the frail thoughts which muster up suspicion towards oneself.

We live more in dreams than we do in reality, where our aspirations fill our hearts with enough lukewarm satisfaction as to allow us to sleep at night by believing that we are doing our best. The truth lies with the functions that are at work, for as we are we are like hamsters running frantically on a fixed wheel which takes us nowhere. Like the hamster, we lack the insight to know why what we are doing isn’t leading us to where we desire to be. The rub is in which functions are present and which are not. The ones which rule our world are themselves based and governed on habit and routine. The lowest functions are the most active and the crudest energy, which they depend on, is all we are fed with — the low grade energy which drugs one into dazed submission.

They are based on comfort and design our life in such a way as to make uncertainty into certainty, where as little energy as possible is required to think, feel and act in ever new ways. For novelty requires weighty challenges, and the stress and strain of meeting obstacles is often seen as mere nuisance when opportunities to face them come ones way. Human beings are quite the mixed bag, wanting something when it’s not there, but avoiding the means to accomplish and acquire the dreams when possibility arises. The psychological breaks occur on a near constant basis, where one side that wants reward makes a promise which another side, completely without knowledge of the promise, is expected to fulfill the pledge.

Men must be prepared to face themselves, the incongruity of what they are from one moment to the next, and realize that inner warfare is the only perspective and philosophy which reaps fruit. It is when we are capable of facing the truth that, just like children, we are in dire need of supervision, that a chance is finally made available before our grasp. In a man who wishes to appreciate his self-worth and find some genuine dignity in who and what he is, there must be some healthy hostility harboured against himself. For if there is any one psychological trait that allows the flow of water to stagnate like stone, it is our ceaseless indulgence to compromise with ourselves.


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